welcome to the neighbourhood!


welcome to the neighbourhood!

We are a group of people who live near the corner of Queen and Beaconsfield in Toronto. We like our neighbourhood and want to keep it beautiful and livable.

We are especially concerned about the rapid proliferation of bars in our neighbourhood.

Concerned about the proliferation of bars in West Queen West?
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The residents association maintains an email list- we announce news about bars and patios in the area. If you want to be informed, send us a note at info@queenbeaconsfield.com and we'll add you to the list. It'sa pretty low-volume list, with anywhere from zero to 5 or 6 messages a month.

Check out our blog!

We now have a blog. There's a bit of information there, and hopefully a bit more soon.

It's at QueenBeac.wordpress.com

Are you having trouble with a bar in your area? Here's what you can do.

Here's a page of useful information for people in Toronto having trouble with neighbouring bars.

News about the QBRA

Toronto Star article about patio agreement w. the Beaconsfield

Liberty Gleaner article about bar concentration in the area.

Profile In the Toronto Star about one tenant in the neighbourhood, and bar concentration.

National Post article about bar concentration in our neighbourhood. (pdf version. For html, click here)

Now Weekly blog entry - Queen West Drunk with Bars: Explosion of bars on Queen W. needs regulation, and print article - Queen West Uangover: Nightlife is Drowning the Day Life out of West-end Strip